International Coaching Academy (ICA) was established with the idea of ​​being a training program designed by psychology experts on the basis of the science of psychology based on the fact that international platforms related to coaching are insufficient to solve the negative judgments and confusion about the coaching profession.

A more clear definition of coaching profession standards, psychology, psychiatry, etc. was established with the idea of ​​telling the masses what is the difference from the fields of medicine and how to separate them.

It has been established with the idea of ​​providing professional coaching in a professional manner and providing a more standardized and international institutional certification process by removing the professional coaching from the dominance of various associations, confederations and individuals, at a more affordable price, to the competing masses.

The International Coaching Academy (ICA) was founded with the vision of becoming an organization that leads the development of professional coaches that continuously develop themselves worldwide.

ICA, the world’s only psychology-based coaches, wants to provide transparency and reliability to its trained coaches and members.

It undertakes to support all its members so that they can use their coaching competencies in all areas of life, and the continuity of information and document sharing.

ICA offers an international and institutional certification program independent of associations for those who wish to pursue a professional coaching profession.

ICA standardizes and accredits the training programs of trainers to provide coaching training. It supervises the use of its own program as accredited in certain periods. It does not allow internationally accredited Coach trainers to go beyond the ICA content and the foundations of psychology.

ICA Certificates ensure that coaches passing through a professional coaching school with psychology-based training are available on the website with coaching qualification certificate codes.

Today, professional coaches trained with the ICA school continue to spread rapidly internationally.

Our Values

We want to be in POSITIVE COMMUNICATION with all people, all professional groups and all coaching communities and we respect all your ideas
We will be TRANSPARENT in every business we do by paying every kind of price
We do not break our corporate STANDARDS for money or friendship
We take care to be RELIABLE in everything we do
We build short and long term plans of our activities on providing benefits to the world and humanity.
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